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screw gravity, I wanna fly
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Icons with Kristen Stewart
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6th-May-2011 06:39 pm - But I never meant to hurt you
Icons with Selena Gomez

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23rd-Apr-2011 06:29 pm - she just believes in shoes and cars
Icons with Ariana Grande, Mila Kunis, Alexis Jordan and Katie Cassidy.
If you take it, credit: thesundance

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Icons with Demi Lovato and Xavier Samuel.
credit: thesundance

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16th-Apr-2011 05:46 pm - Fast cars, shooting stars
Icons with Nina Dobrev, Matt Lanter and Wentworth Miller.
If you take it, credit: thesundance.

Icons with Briana Evigan
If you take it, credit.
credit: thesundance

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Icons with Megan Fox
If you take it, credit.
Credit: thesundance

13 icons with Chace Crawford
If you take it
 credit: thesundance

12th-Mar-2011 05:08 pm - Don't be a drag - just be a queen!
11 icons with Dianna Agron
Credit: thesundance

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12th-Mar-2011 02:20 pm - Bitch vs. witch
14 icons with Pixie Lott
9 icons with girls
If you take it credit.

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